What is your health blueprint…?

When patients come to my clinic no two people are the same, no two injuries, back pains, neck pains are the same. Everybody’s body, although neurologically wired in a similar way, are completely different to the next person. Influenced by how they were brought up, how active they were growing up, what their social life was as they grew, were they bullied, did they know a lot of love or a lot of pain as they grew – this all shaped the brains perception of they are and our reactions to the world and people around us.

Everybody’s story is different, everybody’s journey, is different. Their life experiences, their financial situation, their confidence, their pain all comes from the different environments. They know and understand and their body and mind reacts and modifies behaviour according to their health blueprint.

What is this health blueprint and where did it come from?

I came across the concept of a financial blueprint by T Harv Ecker, where he describes that people have a preconceived and learnt idea of their financial potential and ceiling to earning and keeping money. So for instance if your mum and dad always struggled for money and just scraped by, when you were a child, in simplistic term it stands to reason that your financial blueprint is also set for the same struggle or the same income.

I then considered that there must be a health blueprint.  We are very impressionable as children, especially before our teenage years. If we had a parent, that always had a back or neck pain, had dodgy knees, we might have this in our health blueprint.  So at about the same sort of age as our parents developed back pain, we might develop similar problems. Were you thinking that it was just familial genetics or the hand that was dealt to you, and there is nothing you can do about it?

What if this is just learnt behaviour?

What if this is an environmental adaptation?

What if this is your not your health potential and you are just reaching your perceived health ceiling that your upbringing has placed on you?

What if it is your mind, not your body, is at fault and that you could, in fact,  change and modify your blueprint to support a different and healthier you?

Not to get too deep into these concepts, but epigenetics is leading the way to identify that environment significantly controls DNA and that great changes in health can be made when the environment (Bruce Lipton quote), physical, emotional, neurological or nutritional is balanced. This provides the body the opportunity to rewrite your blueprint so the body can heal.

I listen to a lot of audible books at the moment because I’m training for 100km walk, and they are both founded in science, eastern medicine, meditation and books on wealth and money. I enjoy them all enormously, but it is interesting that nearly all of them talk about health or wealth as an attitude, an experience, a set of beliefs and all of them believe that with the power of the mind you can alter both your health and your wealth in similar ways.

As a chiropractor seeing many patients from all walks of life and with very different stories behind their injuries and pain, it can be hard to help everyone. My recipe for this is to try and understand as much about the person in front of me as possible, and to give as much advice as the individual can handle, based on their acceptance of health and what it means to be well. My treatment comes in the form of a whole body realignment, I treat what I find, no matter how much it changes between treatments and I trust that resetting the system will start to allow the physical body to heal. I offer advice on nutrition and if the person is open to it, on breathing techniques and eventually meditation. Only when you look at the whole person can you truly help them change their health blueprint and their long term concepts of what health and wellness means. Chiropractic treatment is as much about reading people that come to see you, as it is about the treatment.

If you would like to change your health blueprint there are some simple changes you can make.

Firstly do not accept that your health is predestined – it’s not…

Secondly – set yourself health goals so you can identify what you want your health to be or look like – write them down and read them everyday like a bible…

Thirdly – apply everything in your power that you have at your disposal to achieve your new health goal and your beliefs will start to change….

Fourthly – accept that no one is perfect and that the road less trodden is more likely to throw up difficulties along the way = regroup, focus, read your health goals and move forward

Fifthly – trust yourself – your soul/mind knows what is right for you – try to tap into it through meditation and trust and love you, you will mak ethe right decisions.

You have the power to unleash a different journey for yourself – you have the power to change the set or rules and constructs you currently live by. However you need to want to change and be different and when you are ready it will happen….then welcome to a healthy and fulfilling life where you are you and not your parents or society or someone else….good luck – stay close and let me know how you get on.






Changing habits….can you?

We all have bad habits that do not support us or add value to our lives. It may be the 3rd coffee of the day, that provides that much needed caffeine boost we so desperately need to continue with our day,  the fast food at lunchtime, not taking a break in the day to get up from your desk for some much needed fresh air.

On their own on a day to day basis these habits bring us comfort from the repetition and the feeling of normality, however do they nourish you?

To be nourished you require taking in food or drink or activity that helps to balance your body, to provide health to your body and mind. That 3rd cup of coffee only supports the cells of your body that are addicted to caffeine, they urge you to have more coffee because they will be sated for a short time. In fact the urge for your 3rd cup of coffee could also be your thirst centres telling you you are dehydrated (from the previous 2 coffees) and therefore not functioning optimally – your body could be screaming ‘PLEASE GIVE ME SOME WATER….I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT’!!!! But you may have interpreted this, over time, as a need for more caffeine to satify those addicted cells and you comply by drinking coffee because this is your habit. Does this habit nourish you????

Don’t take my word for it webmed.com quotes the side effects of coffee below:

Coffee containing caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting, increased heart and breathing rate, and other side effects. Consuming large amounts of coffee might also cause headache, anxiety, agitation, ringing in the ears, and irregular heartbeats. (https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-980/coffee)

And yet because this is normal to you, you know these side effects, but you don’t feel they effect you.  But when was the last time you were caffeine free…do you even know what that feels like? How do you know you wouldn’t feel better?

These are the signs of mild dehydration as sighted by emedicine.com…..any look or feel familiar to you?

The signs and symptoms of dehydration in adults range from minor to severe.

Mild to moderate dehydration may include the following:


Breaking a habit can be difficult, these habits reassure you of who you are.  Repetition reinforces behaviours that your body and mind feel are normal and satisfying. Have a think about one habit that does not support you or nourish your mind and body and try and replace it with a positive habit, have a glass of water instead of a coffee, hydration can have a massive impact on everyone. Be brave change one habit at a time and who knows you could be on your way to finding more balance in your life.